Nueva Gestión Informática S.L. is a Spanish company with more than 30 years of experience in computing and enterprise software.
More than 6 years ago we decide to start developing MovilGmao because we didn’t find in the market any tool that fulfil all the requirements the we understand that a mobility solution should have. The first app version was very focused on maintenance, the main idea was to forget about using paper in order to have truthful and real time information that could help the company to increase its productivity and benefits. In 2013 we have the first project with a multinational company and since then we have done many implementations in different sectors.



We help our clients during all the implementation process, we offer consultant and analysis services.



We have a human team with years of experience, specialized and always learning.



More than 30 years working with our clients in the computing sector endorse us.

More than mobility

We think that MovilGmao is more than a mobility tool, thanks to its evolution and adaptability to all kind of work routines MovilGmao allows us to use it also in industrial plants, to clock in and clock out, meter reading, building inspections or waste control.

Working with MovilGmao will allow the company to improve its internal communication, improving the quality of the service for the final client, cost reduction and more efficiency and transparency. At the end all of these will be translated into an increase in production and cost effectiveness of the company.