All that you need to report information when working outside the office or in an industrial plant


The technician will have all the information about the assets. Data like: serial number, spare parts or address will be available.

Push Notifications

The worker will receive warnings, alerts and WOs notifications created on the planner as push notifications.


The technicians can attach different files (photo, audio, video, pdf documents) to the assets and work orders that will be very helpful when working.


The technicians can have all the information about WOs. They will see a full list of all their works and using the app they will record the course of the activity.


Thanks to the use of QR and NFC the technician will download all the information related with the asset, the history of works and the WOs in progress.


It is possible to set up different checklists. MovilGmao has more than 20 different dynamic fields in order to create in the app any paper form.


Using the mobile phone the technicians can easily introduce data in forms, look for articles or assign pre-set values in preventive WOs.


MovilGmao planner has diferent roles according to the type of user. The information is shown so visual and intuitive. This simplify the coordination and the decision making. From the main menu you can set up graphs, KPI’s or reports. Also, the different tasks done by the technicians can be seen in the planner improving the internal communication.

Final customer portal

Thanks to this portal, the final customer can register new incidences, see the real report of the pending tasks and consult the WOs.


From the first demo to the end of the project, our team will be close to you doing different works like: consulting, analysis or training. This guarantees a successful implementation as fast as possible.



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