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Date : 24 October, 2018

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Solmicro ERP

NGI also works as a distributor of Solmicro ERP, it is a software which has all of Microsoft’s certifications at the highest level. Solmicro belongs to the Zuchetti group, and it is one of the best-known companies in the northern zone of our country Spain. The company, based in Bilbao, has a presence in 15 countries and leads a network of 50 partners with international reach. Its excellent value for money so it complements perfectly with MovilGmao.

Solmicro ERP is a very complete software, adapted to the needs of SMEs and with its own BI platform; has different modules, all of them compatible with MovilGmao, being the most common the following: project management, purchases, stocks and warehouses, maintenance, manufacturing and human resources.

The main Solmicro ERP modules with which more MovilGmao integrations are carried out are maintenance and projects.

From the maintenance module, a complete management of both corrective and preventive maintenance is carried out. On the other hand, the project management module includes functionalities such as budget management, projects and works; economic control project deviations, control of project progress, planning and analysis of deviations, among others.

As partners of Solmicro and developers of MovilGmao, we are experts in integrations with Solmicro ERP. If in addition to a mobility solution, you need a complete ERP, without a doubt, the Solmicro ERP combination and MovilGmao is perfect for your business.