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Date : 24 October, 2018

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It is a very complete CMMS software, developed by our partner Perama Ingeniería, SIMAN is an integrated maintenance system that integrates perfectly with MovilGmao so that working with geographical dispersion does not suppose a problem in the organization.

From this CMMS software, which is made up of different modules, the maintenance plan will be generated with the description of all the necessary resources to be effective.

The SIMA CMMS software allows you to manage and control corrective and preventive maintenance tasks. First define the maintenance tasks that can be both corrective and preventive with all the information that is necessary: documents, responsibilities, current status of the task … then allows the visualization and update of the status of tasks or the responsibility previously assigned, upload documents, check the stock of pieces or fill in checklists of each task or checklists.

From SIMAN you can also carry out different actions such as: coding scheduled tasks to follow up, add the description of each task including diagrams or images to facilitate the understanding, analysis and description of safety precautions in case they are necessary, registration of spare parts, consumables and tools in which the quantity and characteristics will also be recorded; In addition, the needs of personnel in charge of maintaining that equipment and of the training that is necessary in each level of maintenance and depending on the maintenance profile will be established.

All these actions are compatible with MovilGmao to be able to make a complete report of the order, even if it is working in plant or outside.