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Date : 24 October, 2018

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IBM Maximo

It is one of the most prestigious CMMS software worldwide. We have a broad knowledge of the program, so, together with our certified MovilGmao distributor, we have developed a connector that is perfectly adapted to the operation of IBM Maximo in any company.

IBM Maximo has six management modules: assets, work, services, contracts, inventories and provisioning. Using each of the modules of this software, different actions can be performed to manage the planned and unplanned work activities, from the initial request to its completion and consumption record: define service offers, establish service level agreements (SLA), more proactively monitor service level delivery and implement scaling procedures.

In relation to the inventory and the supply from IBM maximum, the details of the inventory of assets and their use are disclosed, including the what, when, where, how many and their value.

The same happens to the supply management from the software CMMS will support all phases of procurement throughout the company, such as direct acquisition and replenishment of inventory.

With IBM Maximo you can also manage assets by defining and describing their functionalities, develop hierarchical relationships between them, add documentation, details and all the information that can be automatically integrated into workflows. From this program, CMMS will also speed up the planning, addressing and completion of the work. Work orders can be raised based on the priority, resources and assets available at the time.
Technicians working outside or in plant can report any data related to assets or work orders from the mobile application, this information will travel to maximum through the connector.