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Date : 24 October, 2018

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Cijam SAT

CIJAM Helpdesk and preventive are two of the solutions developed by the consulting company CIJAM, one of the MovilGmao’s partners. The technical assistance service developed by CIJAM allows to control all the assistance services done and the time invested, obtaining the best support performance results. CIJAM Helpdesk also manage automatically the WOs to do.

CIJAM Helpdesk offers easy, efficiency and complete assistance, adapting to each company methodology. Thanks to its development the client

CIJAM helpdesk offers a complete technical attention in a simple and effective way, adapting to the methodology of each company. Thanks to its development you get the maximum performance of the support service, increasing customer satisfaction. With CIJAM Helpdesk you can also organize the technical assistance of your assets in a complete way, from the budget to the end of the WO. With the software, it will quickly organize material and human resources, internal and external; maximizing the efficiency of your service and making the work done profitable. It also allows to control the stock and obtain the history of each client automatically.

Other benefits offered by this maintenance and technical assistance software are: generation and control of repair orders, sending budgets from the repair order, allocation of labour and resources, service planning, product control, automatic effects on the stock, classification by type of operation, management of guarantees and external services, generation of budget and control of service follow-up.

In addition, CIJAM Helpdesk has the functionality of introducing a technical assistance order or WO from the same maintenance since the work part serves to keep track of the actions taken.

These solutions are linked to ERP business management applications, which allows the automatic generation of delivery notes and invoices whose formats can be defined by the customer, adapting them to the characteristics of each organization.