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Date : 24 October, 2018

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The connector with this ERP has been developed with one of our partners: Aeromarine. All the AMOS’s functionalities are perfectly integrated with MovilGmao, this fact makes easier the communication between departments, operations are easier and the control in management increases. It is designed for Windows and cover all the CMMS needs that companies with multiple locations have.

For the maintenance area the most useful functionalities which AMOS offers are: control all the management strategies, AMOS EM can be connected with multiple SCADA systems, plan tasks using calendars, counters, measurement points or events defined by the user. Also, you can define maintenance plans associated to internal or external resources, materials or tools and budgets. With this CMMS software you can also plan the installation of new machinery and consult the maintenance historic about the WOs done previously.

With AMOS you can also manage the stock in different warehouses. By controlling the inventory of each spare part in the different warehouses created in the system, it is also possible to show the spare parts reserved for future WOs; the software will also check the existing information in the system to ensure that the data matches the spare parts stored in the different stores as it records each of the movements made in the warehouse, recording, among other data, the date and the quantity.
Other functionalities available in AMOS are the full management of the purchasing cycle and the generation of KPI’S.

All these actions can be reported from MovilGmao and through the connector will be recorded in AMOS. The information travels in a bidirectional way so all the information that is recorded in AMOS will be available in MovilGmao and vice versa.

On the other hand, AMOS EM has additional modules for quality and safety management, risk control and continuous improvement, which makes the system one of the best managers of technical areas that a company can have.