Thanks to its evolution and adaptability to the needs of different areas
MovilGmao is the perfect tool to carry out diverse tasks



Our first projects were done in companies that provide facility services. The main objective of these firms was to avoid the use of paper when doing corrective and preventive maintenance tasks. The use of MovilGmao meant a more efficient organization and an increase of productivity.


Clima and Refrigeration

One of our best customers is the lider in light and gas. This company uses MovilGmao to do meter reading in all of their final clients. MovilGmao works with combustion analyzers: Testo, Kane and Kigaz. In this sector MovilGmao is also used in order to control the movements of more than 200 subcontractors.



We have some global customers that works in the elevation sector. They are mainly engaged in manufacturing, installation, maintenance and supervision of lifts.
MovilGmao is very useful when creating new WOs with checklists and dynamic fields to carry out preventive tasks which are so frecuent in this sector.


Public Administration

In public administration is very common to subcontract different works. In the principal administration alerts and warnings are created that the technicians will receive in their mobile phones to solve as soon as possible the incidence. From the main offices, the institution will check the WOs and warnings state.


Energy and environment

Renewable energies are a very popular sector. Due to geographic dispersion and the huge extension of the installations our clients appreciate the use of a mobility tool like MovilGmao. The feature that is more appreciate is the offline operation of the app because in the fields where the solar panel or wind turbines are located there is not good connexion.


Industrial Plants

We have also clients that work in industrial plants. Using MovilGmao makes easier the communication between production and maintenance departments. Thanks to our warning and alarms system, the workers send failure and machine’s incidence that they detect when working. Then the maintenance department receive the real time notification so that the machine is not stopped long time.


Health Services

The maintenance and cleaning tasks in hospitals and health centres are very rigorous in terms of periodicities and quality of service. The most used feature is NFC tags readings, this allows workers arrive to a determinate room and download the tasks that they have to do during the working day.