Mobility solution that improves productivity. Forget about using paper and work with truthful and real time information


The app Works offline, it doesn’t need permanent internet conexion. Introduce modification without losing the new data.


MovilGmao’s interface is so friendly. Its functioning is easy and accessible thanks to its dynamic field configuration.


The app is intuitive and easy to use. In the main menu different widgets can be configurable with different functionalities. Also, you can use your company’s logo and colours.


MovilGmao is available in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. Also, you can use the company’s own language and concepts.


The app is available for Android, iOS and Windows 10 mobile in different versions and formats: smartphone and tablet. We can adapt to future mobile operative systems.

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MovilGmao makes easier the daily routine of different departments within the company. It simplifies the work of the maintenance and production technicians and also helps other departments like administration or IT department. All of them feel that their productivity increase.

  • Response time reduction.

  • Standard, safe and easy integration app.

  • Clearest information.

  • Dinamic services.

  • Save time and journeys.

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Mobility solution that improves productivity

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